Major Maddox (Hero)- The universe is a dangerous place: full of hostile aliens, roving bands of pirates, filthy, opportunistic women, and worse…far, far worse. The innocent need a hero. Someone who will bravely spit in the face of danger and then not let danger wipe its face clean. That someone is Major Maddox. As part of the elite Galactic Defense Agency, Maddox always wins in the end…even if he starts by screwing things up.

Jason Chalker (Artist)- Jason is a painter, illustrator and designer living in Dallas, TX. He has had a varied career spanning many different disciplines and cities. Jason has been a t-shirt designer, multimedia animator, Flash programmer, graphic designer, an animator on “A Scanner Darkly”, a senior interaction designer for Motorola, a pulp/pin-up painter and an illustrator.

Jason loves BBQ, Tex-Mex food and Dr. Pepper way more than is healthy for a normal person.

Brian Baker (Writer)- Brian Baker lives in Chicago, IL. Before heading north, he lived most of his life in Texas and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He has made his living as a writer in one form or another for the past 15 years: including penning newspaper columns, scripting random broadcast shows, and whoring for corporations. Once he worked for a company highlighted in the “Give Me A Break” segment of 20/20; an experience that made him appreciate the inherent comedy of the corrupt exposing the corrupt. He is both deeply cynical and overtly sappy about the human condition and still hasn’t decided what he would do if the decision to save the Earth landed in his lap. But…that’s why coins have two sides. His first novel, Irregardless, was published in 2006. His second sits, nearly finished, mocking him from his laptop.